Comic for Wednesday, Jun 12, 2019


Posted June 12, 2019 at 2:06 am

- Grace recalls dreams of size change magic Rhoda and cat magic Catalina (Splash page)
- Grace actually thinking about those dreams and their meaning (the next page)
- Concluding that Rhoda had size change magic because of the big boar

- The realization that Grace's dreams about the emissary of magic were for real

- "I HATE having to hide who I am!"

I apologize for how cruel this was to anyone who didn't immediately guess this was a fantasy in panel two.

It's been established before that Grace knew Rhoda and Catalina were dating. Actual canon might wind up changing if it's shown, but I imagine Grace actually said something when she saw through poorly made attempts to hide the relationship (unlike Diane and Lucy, who knew and said nothing).

I accidentally drew Rhoda with long sleeves in panel five, and given that it made it all the way to the shading stage that way, I was tempted to say "well, it's a fantasy, who cares". Ultimately, though, my pride stepped in and told me to fix the sleeves or it would hit me in the face with a mackerel.