EGS Extras and Related Links

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Unnofficial Discord for EGS

I don't moderate this Discord, but it exists, and I am a member there

(Link to General if invite already accepted)

The reason I emphasize that it is unofficial is that I do not moderate it myself, nor do I read anything close to everything that's posted there. It is entirely fan run. I am linking to it here for people's convenience, as I have often been asked about a Discord.


If you only want EGS-related Tumblr posts / tweets, you should follow the EGS Tumblr and/or Twitter. If you want all that AND whatever else I might want to ramble about, you should follow my personal Tumblr and/or Twitter.

Anything EGS will be on both, so this is a choice between EGS only and EGS + Tangential personal Dan stuff.

Official EGS Tumblr - EGS Twitter 

My Personal Tumblr - My personal Twitter

Fan Art on Tumblr - EGS Fan art I've reblogged on Tumblr


Sidenote: Please don't message me on Facebook. I'll easily miss it, and I don't want to communicate in that manner anyway.

Page - A page for "liking" EGS and commenting on new updates

Group - A group for general EGS and off-topic discussion. The group is closed so that people can participate without cluttering their own timelines, so new members have to be manually approved. Depending on how recently you joined FB / how many groups you're in, you might want to also message me separately about wanting to join so I know you're not a spambot.

Reddit - Someone apparently made a subreddit for EGS, so if you reddit, you can reddit it up there.


Sway Single Review - In which I review, and sink into, comfortable furntiture.

Omni Reloaded Review - This product is discontinued, but I reviewed it, darn it!