Comic for Friday, Jan 18, 2019


Posted January 18, 2019 at 5:56 am

- Grace looking for a magic mark on Tedd's head
- Sarah and Sam making plans (complete original) 

- Sarah and Sam making plans (Flashback at start of this storyline)

- Pandora checking in on Sarah
- Pandora hugs Sarah
- The start of Pandora's talk with Tedd
- That moment from her talk with Tedd

Fair warning, I'm the jerk who wrote those dang scenes with Pandora, and even I got a bit teary eyed looking back at them.

Wait, should the fact that I wrote it make me more or less vulnerable to feels? WHATEVER! Fairly warned be ye, says I.

Less vague than I realized

I was considering leaving it more up in the air when exactly Pandora gave Sam his magic mark, but then I realized just how telling the placement of Sam's magic mark was, and that Grace would realize that.

Granted, Grace has less information than we do, and she's making a bit of a conclusion jump in panel six given her more limited knowledge of where Pandora has placed magic marks on other people. That doesn't make her wrong, but still.