Comic for Monday, Jan 21, 2002


Posted January 21, 2002 at 1:00 am
Welcome to El Goonish Shive! This little area down here is devoted to spoiler-free commentary of past and present comics. Most of the comics in the archive don't currently have commentary, but I only started adding commentary in 2008, so it should be no surprise that there isn't much commentary before that year. For now, anyway (now being June 21, 2008).

...Oh, SNAP, was that a spoiler?! Uh, did I say 2008? I meant to say "at some point well after the comic started in 2002, I started adding commentary." GAH! That's still sort of a spoiler!

Okay, screw it. One might find minor spoilers down here. Mostly I'll just discuss behind the scenes stuff and possibly comment upon what I like or don't like about a particular comic, but I won't be dropping nuggets of plot twist hints.

Anyway, this is the first comic that was ever posted on the site. Minor spoiler: the art and writing improve drastically over time.