Contacting Me

There are a few ways to contact me, but before doing so, please see if your question is covered in the Frequently Asked Questions.

Please note that I am not interested in arguments or complex debates on social media. I don't have the time or energy for it.


You can click here - Dan Shive - or address your message to "dan.shive" at this website's domain. Please include "EGS" in the subject. Sorry for not just typing it out (trying to foil spambots).

Putting "EGS" in the subject line shows that you've read this and tells my filters to put your e-mail into a specific folder. It greatly increases the chances I will see your e-mail.


The fastest way to get a response out of me is to send me a tweet. I have two accounts you can follow:

dantheshive - My personal account. Includes all EGS news announcements and anything I feel like tweetings about.

elgoonishshive - ONLY EGS-related tweets. Anything it tweets will also be tweeted or retweeted by dantheshive. If you JUST want EGS news and update announcements and don't care about my other musings (or maybe just think I tweet too much), follow this.


I don't know how active I'll be, I've only just joined, but I do have one.


Tumblr  If you want your questions answered privately, please specify. Otherwise, responses might be public.

EGS specific Tumblr - Basically a mirror of the main Tumblr, but limited to only EGS-specific posts, i.e. no random non-EGS musings or reblogs. There is no reason to follow both blogs at the same time.

Other ways

Additional ways to contact me may be found in the extras.