Comic for Tuesday, Feb 10, 2015


Posted February 10, 2015 at 12:52 am

- Boar storyline START!
- Boar storyline END!
- Dreams

The day I finished making this comic was a very bad day for me. Not for any particular external reason. The day itself was uneventful. I was just in a tired funk that I absolutely could not get myself out of, and the task of drawing felt like someone had asked me to help them move pianos up flights of stairs.

That isn't exactly relevant to the story or anything, but I had to experience that day, and I'm making note of it for the record, darn it.

Anyway, BAM! Grace has concluded that it really was all a dream. Which, I guess is true. I mean, it was all a dream. But it was MORE than a dream! So she's right, but not quite right. Sort of.

Aw, the hekc with it. Grace, you get the "participant" trophy in the statewide prophet contest.

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