Comic for Friday, Nov 22, 2013


Posted November 22, 2013 at 1:00 am

- Grace meeting Rhoda
- Catalina meets Rhoda
- Grace the math tutor, Rhoda the history tutor
- Catalina has a date!
- "Are you ever going to introduce me to this 'Catalina' friend of yours?"
- "...Just buddies..."
- "Most ultimate apology plan"

Wait, Rhoda? What's SHE doing in this comic? Catalina's supposed to be apologizing to her girlfriend! Why is she WAAAAAIT A MINUTE...

Catalina is getting off the hook pretty easy here, but the evidence suggests they've been a couple for over half a year now. They know each other pretty well. Rhoda would have to break character and forget pretty much everything she knows about Catalina to get too terribly upset about Catalina briefly kissing someone she isn't even attracted to in a desperate guilt-driven attempt to do good (however flawed her plan might have been).

Of course, had Elliot been girly at the time, they would potentially be having a VERY different conversation right now.