Comic for Friday, Nov 11, 2016


Posted November 11, 2016 at 5:13 am

- Justin gets a new ability
- Justin definitely with a mark
- Justin definitely without a mark
- The conclusion that Grace's dreams were just dreams

- The plan to get Grace to remember he dreams via associations
- Grace remembering parts of the dreams

Interruption worthy or not, Grace should be applauded for her willingness to let someone tell their story without interruption. That is a very rare quality right there.

I'm not sure why I have Pandora as a sort of fairy in the second to last panel, but it seemed appropriate to me.

I'm also not sure how many times I've overtly stated that magic marks go away after a person awakens, so I'm not sure how commonly remembered that is among readers, but hey, here's one more instance to add to the count.

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