Comic for Friday, Nov 17, 2017


Posted November 17, 2017 at 1:00 am

- Maybe Nioi knows how Magus is using magic?

 - Tara expects Nanase to be a princess

I originally pictured Ashley having a shocked expression in panel two before thinking “wait, she’s magically calm right now. This should barely register on her face”.
As such, “EEP!” got replaced with “I have slightly elevated my eyebrows at this development”.
Sirleck only cares about the well-being others in so much as it affects the well-being of Sirleck. If helping someone out will help out Sirleck, then Sirleck will do it. If stabbing someone in the back will help out Sirleck, Sirleck will do it.
It just now occurred to me that someone reading this might not know about muscle memory? It’s why you never really forget how to ride a bike, and how you can build up super rad gaming skills on a gamepad. There’s a lot of physical actions beyond breathing and such that you can do without thinking cause part of your brain is like “yeah, yeah, I know, yeesh.”
Which, if Sirleck’s being truthful about using Ellen’s muscle memory, suggests he might not be able to drive well if his host couldn’t before he got there. Fortunately for Magus and Ashley, beep beep, Ellen’s a good driver.
Other universe
I can't remember seeing people wondering about how Nioi could still use magic if the rules are universe specific, but I'm betting people have. It's one of those definite "waaaaaait a minute" sort of details that just became all sorts of relevant again.
Also, seriously, how do cars work? Are they actually powered by tiny horses? Is that horse power? That's horse power, isn't it. They must be really tiny, because I can't find them anywhere under my hood, and I can't look again because I promised the repair guy I wouldn't.