Comic for Wednesday, Sep 27, 2017


Posted September 27, 2017 at 1:00 am

- Francine in the background #1
- Francine in the background #2

Pamela gets a name by virtue of my deciding it made sense for Brad (I have decided his name is Brad) to refer to her by name. It’s possible they have a history of some sort together. I’m still sorting out the intricate details of these minor characters who might never be seen again.

For the record, I'm not claiming teachers in general look down on custodians / janitors / groundskeeper Willies. In point of fact, my elementary school had a huge assembly to honor one such individual when they retired, and everyone knew his name and who he was.

I mean, I forget his name, but it's been literal decades. Kid me knew, though!

I do remember he liked Bette Midler, and they played "Wind Beneath My Wings" during the assembly. In my mind, this man whose name I forget was some manner of maintenance hero, and I can only assume the school has since collapsed in his absence.

For this comic, however, I imagine this is a large school with a decently sized maintenance staff, and this particular teacher regards them much the same way a snobbish rich person does "the help", which she will no doubt regret upon discovering the half-eaten ham sandwich that will have lingered a full weekend in her classroom come Monday.

Well, that, or she'll learn nothing and just complain about the smell.

Oh, and I guess Francine's unconscious for some mysterious reason that is undoubtedly related to the ongoing story? Unless this was entirely tangential, in which case, boy, is my face red.

The important thing, however, is that "Wind Beneath My Wings" inspires each of us to soar to our greatest heights.