Comic for Friday, Sep 29, 2017


Posted September 29, 2017 at 1:00 am

- Part 3, Reply Hazy - Nanase and Mr. Verres discuss Diane And Susan's connection
- Part 6, Maybe Sisters - Nanase, Ellen and Susan talk about Diane
- Part 11, All Of The Curse Words - Plans are made for Susan and Diane to meet
- Part 14, Sister Anxiety - Justin and Susan discuss Diane
- Part 19, Familiy Meetings - Plenty of Susan / Diane stuff here that you PROBABLY just read

I considered more comics building up to Diane and Susan actually meeting each other. Then I decided there'd been enough of those and for suddenly Diane to happen, AND YES, my one regret is that it wasn't "suddenly Susan" instead.

(Suddenly Susan was a 90's sitcom. Don't worry too much about it. All I remember about it is the name).

I ALSO considered adding bricks to that pillar. Then I considered how long that would take. I then decided against adding bricks to that pillar.

Speaking of that pillar, I didn't write this comic knowing it was going to be there, and wasn't 100% sure how Diane was going to suddenly show up. I had figured she'd just be walking along and BAM! 90's sitcom reference. I like this a lot better, so HUZZAH FOR THE PILLAR!