Comic for Thursday, Apr 25, 2024


Posted April 25, 2024 at 11:51 pm

Part 6 will begin Wednesday, May 1st.

- Justin previously yelling at people before a tournament

- Oof. This person being a jerk to Rhoda

- Hope clearly believing she could be eliminated from the tournament

Seriously, though, they didn't know how to balance cards in the Beta set. That Ox of Smelly Calamity was broken.

That guy! No, not Guy. Some other guy!

Appropriately enough for a story with Sam and Jay in it, two characters with designs originally intended for background characters, I wasn't originally thinking of this guy for this role.

HOWEVER, when I sat down to design the new character, I thought "wait. Don't I already have a guy like that?"

And I did.


Added bonus, we already know he'd cut in line in front of a cute girl singing about pizza, and then lie about it, because he totally did that on-panel already.


- Thursday EGSNP