Comic for Monday, Sep 25, 2017


Posted September 25, 2017 at 1:00 am

 - Charlotte's forum first mentioned
 - The banning of Not-Tengu

Really, Not-Tengu getting banned doesn't add any additional information that is useful, but I like that page, darn it.

This was going to be a Friday comic, but on rare occasions, I'll get terrible back pain, and last Thursday was one such occasion. I was close to finishing inking the comic before I decided it hurt too much to continue (It's never a good sign if you feel like you have to take a significant break after each panel).

ANYWAY, I'm not 100% again yet, but I'm good enough.


Ellen's posture is why she looks so short in panel two. I don't consider this a big mystery, but it's been consistent that whenever someone's apparent relative height looks off due to posture, someone will comment on it. It is as inevitable as the sun rising.

Of course, now that I've said that, the sun's totally not going to rise tomorrow to prove me wrong. Jerk.