Comic for Wednesday, Nov 15, 2017


Posted November 15, 2017 at 2:12 am


As creepy as it might be that Magus can just DO that and make Ashley all calm and junk, I consider it a huge mercy on her and everyone reading this.

Doesn't mean I approve of messing with people's heads like that without permission. Or taking over bodies. Or kidnapping people to keep an eye on them / throw exposition at them, but... I'm saying it helps keep the tone from getting out of hand is what I'm saying.


I mentioned earlier that Ashley wasn't originally going to be in this arc due to how much was going on and a lack of reason for her to take focus.

I realized later on, however, that I literally had no good place for Magus to explain himself. Like, anywhere, unless doing an "as you already know" to Sirleck in truly bizarre detail.

I got to thinking about how to deal with this problem when it occurred to me that Ashley could be Magus's reason for opening up, and it could be done on the way to... WHEREVER it is they might be going.

So, from there, Ashley joined the party. And since I don't like the idea of her just being around to be talked at, maybe I thunk up some other things, maybe and perhaps.