Comic for Friday, Nov 17, 2017


Posted November 17, 2017 at 12:55 am

Floating chibi heads, characters with squashed proportions huddled together in a way they totally weren’t actually positioned in... How many cheats and tricks to show expressions and who’s talking will I resort to before this game is over?

Ditzy Susan
Ashley, being huge on ironic / contrary transformations, is totally into the idea of Susan being ditzy for a bit. Rhoda and Catalina, however, are shocked and appalled by the idea of Susan being anything less than brilliant.
Anyway, I tried writing a “ditzy” Susan. I truly did! There was just one problem:
I hated it. I hated it with every fiber of my being. It was the worst.
I’m fine with magic making people act all sorts of weird and out of character, but I realized I didn’t like this sort of thing with Susan beyond it being part of someone’s even less canon fantasy panel, or a quick “what-if” dealie. 
This would have gone on for several comics, and this story is in-character enough that I just did not like it one bit.
I know this will disappoint some people (and possibly relieve others). I have, however, thought of a way to have my cake and eat it, too, and I’m betting someone’s going to guess how before the next comic goes up. I personally consider it a far better cake.
Ditzy Card
Not clear on what Ditzy does? Imagine landing on a 3-space and having three 1-type clothing cards in your hand.
Without Ditzy, you could only play one of those clothing cards at a time, and there’s no way you could buy the 3-space.
WITH Ditzy, you could use those three cards to buy the 3-space, only wind up wearing one of the three outfits, still have the Ditzy form because none of the cards used were Physical, and finish your turn by drawing three new cards to fill your hand.
We’ll get into why that’s particularly good with Squirrel later, but 1-type animal forms most commonly impact movement in some way or another, and Squirrels are known for getting places they want to get to...