Comic for Thursday, Dec 4, 2014


Posted December 4, 2014 at 1:50 am

You sure have, Tedd! And now for a couple handy Larry references...

- Larry and Rich storyline intro
- Larry Vs Tedd 1
- Larry Vs Tedd 2
- Larry unsure of Tedd's name
- Larry learns Tedd is Tedd
- Larry Vs Sarah 1
- Larry Vs Sarah 2
- Larry Vs Sarah 3 (Tensaided)
- Larry discusses strategy with Rich
- Larry and Rich react to Tedd and Grace kissing
- Rich judges Larry
- Larry's talk with Justin 

Holy carp. When I decided to gather up Larry reference links, I somehow did not expect a list so epic. It's like Larry's Odyssey over here.

I have no plans to do a breakdown of the points people earned in the tournament. The results are the results, and they differ from how they would be in a real life tournament. For example, I've been told that Sarah would technically have been in fifth place in real life as a result of Luke and Tedd's tie. That's a fun fact. Changes nothing 'round these parts, however.