Comic for Tuesday, Dec 9, 2014


Posted December 9, 2014 at 1:01 am

Cat's out of the bag! Er, Sam's out of the bag? Someone's out of a bag. I guess not all the way out of a bag, given panel two. 

In any case, Larry? IT'S FINAL EXAM TIME.

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Last Friday EGS:NP 

A ton of sketchbooks (commentary later):

- Charlotte
- Space Tedd
- League Nanase
- League Ellen
- Wash Grace
- Super Nanase
- Captain Tedd
- Human Jeremy
- Goth Elliot And Ashley
- Tiny Boar and Giant Rhoda
- Susan Wand Mishap
- More DS9
- All Male Sketchbook (Sort of) 03
- Heroic Heroes
- Villainous Villains
- Reunion
- Milestone #3