Comic for Friday, Feb 13, 2015


Posted February 13, 2015 at 8:02 pm

I go into more detail about the Break / Not Break in the previous commentary, but it basically boils down to me taking a two week break from story comics to a) catch up on things, and b) prepare for upcoming storylines. The storyline when we resume will be Elliot and Ashley's date! In the meantime, there will be EGS:NP as normal, tons of sketchbooks, and a little over 60 commentaries. Full update details will be kept track of in the EGS:NP section.

- Foreshadowing
- Timely mark detail recap

- Cry heard from SPAAAAACE #1 (Catalina)
- Cry heard from SPAAAAACE #2 (Raven)
- Cry heard from SPAAAAACE #3 (Elijah)
- SPAAAACE Explodes

I tried to make it clear that what we're seeing in this comic is Sarah's reflexion, but just in case it wasn't, that's totally what's happening. This may make one want to see Sarah's mark in a non-mirrored fashion, but TOO BAD!

Actually, here ya go.

The mark should actually be lighter, but I made it darker than it should be to make sure it was easy to see in this particular comic.

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