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Posted February 11, 2015 at 11:31 pm

- Family?
- Apocalypse
- "Empower" and "Guide"

- Dreaming

- At tournament 1
- At tournament 2
- At tournament 3
- At tournament 4
- At tournament 5


It feels like the quotation marks on "empower" and "guide" should be bigger, They should be enormous given how liberally Pandora dances around those restrictions.

I originally imagined panel two being an overhead shot with Pandora standing through the table (incorporeal and what-not) and obsevering Grace from that position. That angle didn't really give her much sense of presence, however, and was more weird than anything else.

Pandora was ALSO originally going to just be leaning over in panel six, but I figured "hey, why not stretch her neck out in a weird creepy way?" Good times, good times.

Schedule Announcement - Break / Not-Break

When the current story arc is over (which will be very, VERY soon) I will be taking a two week vacation from story comics (this section). EGS:NP will update normally, and many sketchbooks and commentaries will be posted. I have a lot to catch up on and a lot to plan, and this break / not-break has been long overdue. With the story arc ending very soon, I’m going for it.

Given the break not-break, The story will most likely resume with the next full storyline (Ashley and Elliot’s date!) without any additional intermission. As some may recall, I was going to have a brief Susan / Elliot storyline at a movie theater in which commenting on movie stuff would occur. I instead plan to make that an EGS:NP storyline, which is the more appropriate section for it anyway.

Many thanks for all the support and the patience with me. I’m looking forward to a more organized and regularly scheduled EGS future, and this is step one.

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