Comic for Wednesday, Jan 7, 2015


Posted January 7, 2015 at 9:54 am

 - Awakening

I already used the "oh snap" graphic, hence why you're not seeing it here. I totally want to, though. There's this yearning deep within to unless an "oh SNAP" upon the world that I cannot do in conscience.

In any case, if Pandora is responsible for Justin's awakening, then that would make it a "proper" awakening. Energy buildups wouldn't be an issue, and the only signs of it would apparently be the loss of a mark he didn't even know he had, and the potential to possibly cast new unknown spells by accident, which presumably hasn't happened yet.

Granted, there could be other side effects, but you can bet if there are, I'm not gonna say what they DAMMIT I JUST NOTICED I FORGOT HIS EARRING IN PANEL FIVE. I'm going to fix it right now AND YOU WILL NEVER KNOW IT WAS MISSING.

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