Comic for Monday, Jan 5, 2015


Posted January 5, 2015 at 1:38 am

- What
- What?
- What?!

Forgive me, but I love that stupid "oh snap" graphic, and this felt like an appropriate moment for it. Though, to be honest, a montage of the tenth Doctor of Doctor Who saying "what" would be my first choice, but "oh snap" will suffice.

There was much partial shirt removal near mirrors and image searching while figuring out Justin's poses for this comic. There are some, um, interesting techniques out there, and bizarrely intense animations from that one Free! swimming anime.

In any case, simply figuring out those two panels made this comic relatively complicated for me, and yet the end results are so simple. It's possible I was overthinking things, but that NEVER happens, so of course I wasn't that would be impossible.