Comic for Wednesday, Jun 29, 2011


Posted June 29, 2011 at 1:00 am
- Empower and guide
- I will destroy this world...
- Bringing an apocalypse
- The pithos amulet
- Fun with words
- The controlling of Dex

There are a few reasons Raven is having a flashback here instead of just jumping back to Friday with a narration box, but I'm not gonna say what those reasons are. I will say, however, that the description of panel one in my script for this comic was "Raven looking like a grumpy pants".

Way to go, Erasmus!

When I was deciding on a design for the amulet, I decided to do something totally crazy and actually research the Pandora's box myth in greater detail. Nutty, I know. As a result of this madness, however, I learned all that wacky fun info in panel two and got to draw a jar instead of box, which was awesome. Boxes are only fun to draw if there's one or more cats inside, and a cat wouldn't have been mythologically accurate.

What's that, spellcheck? "Mythologically" isn't a word? Well, guess what? RIGHT CLICK! ADD TO DICTIONARY! BAM! It's a word NOW, ain't it?! HMPH!

Anyway, apparently we know the story as "Pandora's Box" because some guy translated one Greek word as though it were another Greek word. I'd give him a hard time about it, but it happened back in the 16th century, so he's probably dead by now. That, and I've seen Greek text. I probably would have made a mistake or two myself.

Noah's hair

I haven't received truckloads of questions about it, but some people have asked about those strange tufts of hair under the hairband Noah normally wears. If you think about it, it was a very fair question, and now it has been answered!

Sort of. I guess this raises further questions. At least we get to see his hair without it being tied back for once.