Comic for Friday, Feb 13, 2015


Posted February 13, 2015 at 1:01 am


The intent was always for Tensaided to have the "best" zombie survival strategy, but I didn't immediately know what that would actually be, and was considering the possibility that I would have to go in the opposite direction.

Pretty much since the start of this storyline, however, people have been suggesting that the best way to plan for a zombie apocalypse is to plan as you would for disasters in general, and I pretty much agree with that. People have also been suggesting that axes are superior to swords for dealing with zombies, and while I can't recall if anyone specifically suggested fire axes, it seems the logical choice to me. They're axes with good reach and have other potential uses. Makes sense to me.

Personally, though, if I were having this discussion, I would only suggest ridiculous things. I would not get involved in a discussion about dealing with zombies with the goal of a serious conversation.

Anyway, Tensaided gave the most logical answer! So we're done with zombies, right? NOPE! There's something else for our heroes to address...