Comic for Wednesday, Dec 6, 2023


Posted December 6, 2023 at 12:00 am

- What is a royal aura?

- Visitors running through a forest

- Searching for tyrant royalty

- Gangsters who are definitely human gangsters

- When first we saw the old ladies who are definitely old ladies (next page)

- When last we saw Mist

I swear all these separate things are related and we'll be seeing more of Hope soon. Which I wouldn't feel the need to say, but one week is approximately ten thousand years in web comic time, so I can easily imagine pitchforks.


"Saou" isn't a word I'm aware of in Japanese. Something I really like about Japanese, however, is Kanji (aka the most difficult to learn part of Japanese). One thing I like about it is that there are different meanings to these characters with short "on" readings, and that there can be hidden meanings in things like names depending on the Kanji used.

In the case of Saou, if using the kanji I have in mind (I'm not sure they'd display properly here), it can be read as "Fraud King".

It's not something I want to do often, but I liked it here.

"Potestas" is Latin, and can mean power, among other things.

I don't consider either of these explanations spoilers, because we already know they want to give Saou a "royal" aura, and it's probably not that shocking that a "future king's protector" is strong in some way.

Speaking of spoilers, however, there's about to be a spoiler warning, so I'm putting the "recent NP" dealie first.


- Tuesday EGSNP


Spoilers for Friday and a 2019 EGSNP storyline below

It's not a major spoiler for this storyline, and the EGSNP storyline is years old.

Still, it's common courtesy to give people a chance to run away from spoilers.

Everyone who's still reading is someone who's cool with that?


NONE of it is required reading, but there is a SORT OF canon EGSNP storyline called Parable? It started out as a game parody, became a dream, and then there was a unicorn.

If one has read that, it spoils how well this goes for Mist, but let's all pretend this is all VERY dramatic and has every chance of working PERFECTLY!

At least until Friday.