Comic for Monday, Dec 4, 2023


Posted December 4, 2023 at 12:00 am

"Dan chose to show that flashback as part of a grander scheme to demonstrate the ever-growing influence of the space gerbils!"

No, I... I just wanted to contrast it with Susan opening up more on-camera, and... Space gerbils?

"Are there not space gerbils?"

I haven't planned any space gerbils, no.

"I see. Excuse me, I need to redo some charts."

The above is MASSIVE hyperbole, but I saw several theories as to why I showed the flashback on the previous page, and I found it amusing given just how basic my actual reason for showing it was.

Actually, at first, I panicked slightly because I get anxiety about miscommunicating, and I briefly worried about being too unclear, but that's why I do things like joke about space gerbil invasion theories!

And write massive amounts of exposition on subsequent pages, but joking about space gerbils in commentaries is better for the story's pacing.


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