Comic for Friday, Dec 1, 2023


Posted December 1, 2023 at 12:00 am

- Original page with Susan fan-girling (From over ten years ago?! HOW DARE)

- Relevant start of scene with Susan crying from "Our Future"
- Upset about change (a few pages later)

- Susan theorizing things about immortal rules that just MIGHT be relevant this storyline
- Susan commenting on how immortals might be upset about change, even if positive

I felt the best way to show what I want to show here with Susan was to contrast it with Susan and Elliot's very first movie review, so no, I was not simply being lazy by redoing four panels from the past!

Besides, if this being easy was my plan, it went TERRIBLY. Redrawing scenes can be tricky, because you're deciding what to keep, what to change, possibly changing your mind about things and redoing something you just redid, etc.

And even if it had been as easy as I'd schemed--I mean, as easy as someone might expect, it's been over ten years (how dare). I think I'm allowed to redraw a reminder of something after it's been a decade.


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