Comic for Friday, Apr 7, 2023


Posted April 7, 2023 at 12:00 am

- Susan meets Jerry

- (The next page) Jerry makes fun of immortals named "Zeus"

- Jerry vows to make amends to Susan in place of other immortals

- Susan meets "Zeus"

- Susan learns his name is Zeus

- The comments as originally presented 


In which Susan manages to cover, like, 95% of what's immediately relevant and known in a single page.

WHICH I AM SO RELIEVED ABOUT. I didn't know how quickly I could cover her reasoning. I was worried it would take several pages.

One way I got around this taking pages upon pages was Susan printing out pages of her own. Instead of having to talk about the comments directly, she's sharing print outs of the comments with Edward and Tedd.

That way, she can stick to sharing her conclusions, and they can look over the actual comments themselves.


I didn't originally think that much about the meaning of Deus. I just wanted something that could easily become Zeus.

It was only after people commented on it that I realized "oh yeah. Given the name Zeus, Deus does work as a clue, doesn't it?"

Susan acknowledging that, and phrasing it as "might have also been a clue," was for my own amusement.

Anyway, I have to go put a penny in the "did something by accident that totally looked intentional" jar.


- Sketchbook: Susan and Ashley Easter Rabbits