Comic for Friday, Apr 7, 2023


Posted April 7, 2023 at 12:00 am

Dan's Choice - Susan and Ashley Easter Rabbits on Patreon


I think the closest this can get to becoming canon would be Susan becoming more bold while on camera with her review show, finding a place to record with a green screen, and Susan assuming no one will conclude "magic" if they use magic to mess with their hair and eye colors.

That, or Elliot's dreaming this. That, too, could totally become canon.


The color nonsense in this image is because it's the sort of colors I associate with Easter. I'm not 100% sure why? Maybe common Easter egg colors? Some of the candy?

In any case, when I searched for Easter colors, what I expected was what I got, so it's not just me.


These two were chosen from a very last minute (well, very last nineteen hours) poll open to all patrons.

I would have made the poll earlier, but I basically made the poll the instant I had the idea for it, and the idea was something specific to Easter.

While many "Dan's Choice" images will just be whatever the heck I want, I will occasionally have more polls like this in the future.

Most should be open for at least a couple days, though, given that most of them shouldn't be last minute, holiday-related ideas.