Comic for Monday, Apr 1, 2024


Posted April 1, 2024 at 12:00 am

Do Not Push HD on Patreon

"Diane, no!"

"Diane YES!"

The Two Sides of Dan

Me: "I should choose a relatively simple, one image sketchbook to do."

Also me: "Oh hey, it's April 1st Monday. I WANT TO DO THIS ONE, AND I WANT A FULL PAGE."


Fun fact, this MIGHT be the first glimpse of Tedd's lab. Like, if I had to choose a canonical location for this to be happening, that would be it. At least part of it logically has to look like a generic SCIENCE! classroom (it's in a college, and Tedd's cover is an independent study), so yeah. That could be a corner of that part of the lab.

Though there probably won't be an ominous "Do Not Push" button.