Comic for Monday, Jul 1, 2002


Posted July 1, 2002 at 1:00 am
ATTENTION! If you are new to El Goonish Shive, this is a sub section full of spoilers, randomness, and all sorts of weirdness! Click here for the REAL first EGS comic.

...Actually, I suppose that's evidence from the context of this comic, but darn it, it's my job to make sure people don't get confused by all these different sections. It's also my job to wear funny hats, but mine were stolen by a giraffe (don't tell anyone!)

Anyway, this is the sketchbook section, formerly known as the "filler" section. It is a place for sketches, illustrations and comics that don't fit anywhere else. It was born as a result of me getting my wisdom teeth removed and the expectation that I would be too out of it to be productive for several days.

This did not prove to be the case. While I was somewhat out of it, I was mostly coherent and not in too much pain. I still took it easy somewhat, watching many episodes from a newly acquired box set of season one of Star Trek: The Next Generation (you know, that show with the blogger everyone thinks is cool now but everyone wanted to punch back then).

Teeth being wrenched from my skull aside, there is a lot of jokes, behind the scenes stuff and weird stuff like shrinking Amanda in this sketchbook section, so have a look around and enjoy your stay. Just keep in mind that it will make NO SENSE if you haven't read the main comic section.