Comic for Friday, Mar 31, 2023


Posted March 31, 2023 at 12:00 am

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Ashley, not pictured, is an impulsively helpful person.

One day, Susan was talking about how she was working on becoming more comfortable with physical contact.

On that same day, Elliot had been talking about the struggles of keeping both himself and Susan in frame and in focus when filming their review show due to the limited room they were working with.

Before she knew what she was doing, Ashley leapt at a solution that would help everyone, and Elliot and Susan found themselves swept up in her enthusiasm.

They decided to do a practice review that they could use for real depending on how well it went, and Susan put her hair up in a ponytail to make it easier to be so close to Elliot.

Once the camera was on, Susan's on-camera persona took over, and she was oddly comfortable.

Elliot, for the first time since they began their review show, considered the virtues of makeup for hiding blushing.

The practice review was ultimately deemed unusable due to what it would inevitably do to their comment section.

In the aftermath of all this, Ashley somehow wound up volunteering herself for helping Susan get more comfortable with physical contact. Elliot also volunteered for this, because of course he did.

Susan impulsively agreed to their offer, and none of them were exactly sure what they'd they'd just gotten themselves in to.