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Posted March 24, 2023 at 12:00 am

Since the beginning of EGS, I've taken for granted that shared lockers were commonplace. I've always imagined certain characters sharing lockers. Grace and Ellen share a locker, Tedd and Elliot share a locker, Nanase and Justin share a locker, and Sarah and Susan share a locker.

This was based on my own school experiences, and was likely due to the amount of students very much exceeding the number of lockers.

Though, now that I think on it, I THINK seniors got their own lockers at the time? That might not be the case anymore, as I imagine the number of students has probably only gone up. It makes me wonder if schools ever get stuck having to switch to those smaller, stackable lockers due to increasing class sizes.

ANYWAY, reactions to this storyline have made it VERY clear to me that shared lockers are not nearly as common as I thought (among readers of this comic who react where I'll see it, anyway).

Personal Backstory Time...!

When I was a young kid, my family got into a weekly routine of going to a relatively new restaurant for lunch one day out of the week. I got really tired of going there, and became quietly grumpy about going there.

While getting lunch there one day, we learned the restaurant was closing, and we'd never be able to go there again.

Instead of being thrilled, I started crying to the point that, when asked what was wrong, the best I could do to respond was point at the table, and barely manage to say "here."

I've experienced other moments when I've been confusingly upset about change, but that's my first memory of such a thing, and the inspiration for exploring something similar with Susan.

I'd been planning on Tensaided expecting / encouraging Susan to quit working for him before college for a really long time now, but it was only recently while trying to think up stories for Susan that I really thought about how that would make Susan feel.

Susan and I have a lot in common, and I felt this would be one of those things we'd share to some degree.

It's also possible this is even more evidence that Susan and I are on the autistim spectrum, but I don't know any of that for certain, and I didn't set out to establish that. This is just something I felt suited Susan that was inspired by my own experiences.


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