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Posted April 17, 2023 at 12:00 am

"Don't worry! We have rules we have to follow."

"Which are?"


Not even I am sure how serious Grace is about magic immortal parties that would make the news. Heck, SHE might not even be sure.

So... Much... Rewriting...

I rewrote this page after hours of adjusting the text and page layout of a more complicated, cluttered version of it.

In addition to every point still on this page, they speculated as to why Zeus didn't include the new rules in his comments.

Not a terrible thing to discuss in-context, but not necessary, either. It made the focus less "we don't know the new rules, we have to assume they can do anything," and more "why didn't Zeus say all the new rules?"

I kept having to make the dialogue less natural to fit the page, it didn't seem the right thing to focus on, and I think people reading this can speculate for themselves why Zeus wouldn't have gotten more specific about the new rules (assuming Susan and friends are correct about new rules existing).

All that, and if it's ever worth addressing, it will come up naturally later. It doesn't need to be the focus right now.

Anyway, I wound up finishing this page the day before sharing it because the speculation about Zeus not being immediately essential didn't occur to me quickly enough. It's possible I should've postponed today's page, BUT I DIDN'T WANNA, so THERE.

I have decided not to have a sketchbook image this week to avoid burnout, however. Friday sketchbooks should return next week on the 28th.


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