Comic for Wednesday, Nov 29, 2023


Posted November 29, 2023 at 12:00 am

There's so many things to reference that I'm putting the actual commentary first.

The "HAIR!" sound effect is a bit of a compromise. I wanted the page to begin with the top of Sarah's head, but that doesn't show a "before" state for her hair, so "HAIR!" is there to make it absurdly obvious that hair magic is happening.

Also, sound effects like that amuse me.


- Start of the Question Mark storyline
- Sarah meets Pandora

- Pandora revisits Sarah in Sister 3 (actual discussion shown later)

- The actual discussion with Pandora
- "I vow to help your magic awaken..."
- "BOX!"

- Third meeting with Pandora-Box (first few panels are a magic simulation)
- "You're a good friend, Sarah"

- Sarah learns of Pandora being reset

- Sarah being accepted as a student of Kevin the wand
- Kevin explaining the basic principles of a "training wand" (very next page)

- Not-so-random hair growth spell during Layers storyline


- Tuesday EGSNP