Comic for Wednesday, Aug 23, 2023


Posted August 23, 2023 at 12:00 am

- Elliot specifically being told that he was about to meet aliens

I seriously doubt that was an intentional detail in 2003, but I'd clearly decided on its importance later when I wrote that page's commentary:

"Tedd specifically told Elliot that they’re aliens. I’m sure that’s not actually super important or anything."

- Edward clearly forgetting about the TTRPG cover story

I figure the sequence of events was this: Edward realized that Tedd was going to be pondering about projections, and was hoping to keep Tedd from staying up all night thinking about it, so he wanted to print out the details.

He wasn't sure how he was going to do that at home, but then he finally remembered that it was readily available.

Tedd didn't comment on it at first because Tedd figured it was something like that, but got clarification in the morning.

So... Many... Notes!

With this page, one might understand why I didn't want to cover all this in dialogue with Lavender. Trying to make it flow at all naturally could have made it take ages.

I created another problem, however, by showing it this way. There was new information I wanted to highlight, and in-universe, the information I wanted to highlight wouldn't be highlighted. It would just be all of it, a good amount of it recap.

Fortunately (assuming it worked), Tedd came to the rescue by writing notes all over the darn thing.

And yes, I made a lot of notes like that while in school, and YES, previous teachers, I WAS paying attention, the squirrels helped me focus.