Comic for Monday, Jul 10, 2023


Posted July 10, 2023 at 12:00 am

- Virginia the uryuom comments on the complications of revealing uryuoms exist "given how uryuoms here must be hiding their presence"

- Projections (from Part 1 of this storyline)

A lot of previously established things in the comic only make sense if uryuoms have always had an ability like this.

Granted, it would be a lot more clean and simple if they could simply transform into other bipedal species, BUT TOO BAD! Past me said NO to that, and though we don't respect EVERYTHING past me said, we're stuck with a good amount of it!

That, and I'm happier going with this more complicated explanation for reasons I can't get into yet.

Restaurant Table Waiting Dealie

Are those still a thing? I haven't had to wait for a table at a restaurant (or ate at a restaurant) in ages. I vaguely remember one restaurant having triangular ones? Like I said, it's been a while.

In any case, I'm pretty sure at least one person predicted them being given one of those things while waiting for a table, so I hope they enjoy their cookie.


- Saturday EGSNP