Comic for Friday, Jun 2, 2023


Posted June 2, 2023 at 2:39 am

- Visitors running through a forest

- Searching for tyrant royalty

"I'm not saying they're aliens from another side of reality, but they're aliens from another side of reality."

This page has a lot of restraint, as it mostly limits itself to information relevant to the rest of THIS storyline. There are some details that aren't, but those are all things that either came up naturally, or set up the relevant information.

One detail I would have loved to have kept in, but just isn't immediately important, is that they've exchanged gold before without knowing there were rules about identification.

That first time, they happened to be (sort of?) lucky in that the place they went wasn't exactly big on the following the rules.

Later, now aware of those rules, and no longer trusting the place that so easily broke the rules, they've resorted to this nonsense the second time around.

There are versions of this in which I try to convey all of that, but does anyone need to know all that right now? NO! And it would take half a page to explain just some of that!

That is one reason I'd like to write novels at some point. I could toss such details in without issue, easy, and nerds like me would love it.


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