Comic for Friday, Aug 12, 2022


Posted August 12, 2022 at 12:00 am

Part 9, the last part of Balance begins Wednesday!

Odds are we'll be dealing with these three later. Just a hunch.

How Do I Even???

While this took less time than a normal story comic page, it managed to present its own challenges, such as "how the heck do I even do this page when I'm not ready to show these characters?"

And full disclosure, when I say I'm not ready to show them, I mean I'm REALLY not ready to. Within just the past week, I thought of an important character detail that calls for major changes to one of their designs, so...

Yeah. Actual designs in progress.

Still, I wanted to show SOMETHING without committing to designs I might have to retcon later, so a four-fingered hand, and a staff with a design that's surely insignificant no reason to dwell on it.


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