Comic for Thursday, Aug 11, 2022


Posted August 11, 2022 at 12:00 am

I considered writing "oh, they just didn't hear any part of that exchange. In which voices got raised. In a relatively empty comic shop."

Yeah, no, that was not a private conversation, BUT I felt it worked better if Nanase didn't hear it, so she there's the excuse for her missing it.


Fun fact: Given where Ellen is, there should be a computer monitor behind her. I actually did draw have it in the comic at first, but it clashed with Ellen's hair, so I decided to not include it.

Make no mistake, however. It IS still there. Justin needed it to sell the book to Ellen. We simply cannot perceive the monitor from our universe, for the conflict with Ellen's outline forced our many mind brains to filter it out.

Should we ever view the counter at a time at which it would not result in such a conflict, we may once again perceive it.