Comic for Tuesday, Sep 2, 2014


Posted September 2, 2014 at 3:01 am

 - Glowing?
 - OMG More glowing
 - "Develop a sense for..."
 - "I need to observe... morphs..."
 - Luke's eyes 1
 - Luke's eyes 2

I'm ready to accept my various awards for the incredible dramatic dialogue in panel four.

Can the rest of this comic commentary just be "oooohhhhhh SNAP" over and over again? Would people find that objectionable?

They would. Huh. Well, darn. That's all I've got, really. Well, anyway, that first reference link was from 2006, so BAM.

Oh, here's something: I was originally going to make glowy Tedd 100% white with darker outlines, but then I tried the super light, low saturation colors, and I though they looked rad, so there they are.

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