Comic for Monday, Apr 8, 2002


Posted April 8, 2002 at 1:00 am

Greg is named after a guy I knew in high school. I haven’t seen him in years, but I remember him being a cool guy, and we were in a film class together.

We and a couple other high school friends made a student film parody of Star Wars in which Wicket the ewok took place of Luke Skywalker, and the best part about it was that the guy playing Wicket actually had an extremely high quality ewok costume created by a friend of his who was some sort of talented costume making enthusiast. Everything looked as crummy as one would expect of a high school student film made in the nineties except that suit.

Greg, meanwhile, played Darth Vader. I think he had a robe and a lightsaber. That’s how you knew he was Darth Vader. I played Yoda, and brought tears to the eyes of the classroom with my famously tragic line “randomly die now, must I.” Another friend played the emperor. His costume was just his street clothes, and instead of force lightning, he had a ruler. It was equally effective and dramatic.

Seriously, I swear all of the above is true. Well, except maybe the “brought tears to the eyes” part.

As for why EGS Greg has a supposed rivalry with Carrot Top, it’s because the Greg I knew was a big fan of Vegeta from Dragon Ball Z. Vegeta was rival of Goku, AKA “Kakarot”, a play on the word carrot. This is also why he’s trying to go “super”, as Vegeta and Goku were saiyans, and “super saiyans” were a thing. You know what a super saiyan is, right? They’re like regular saiyans, only super.

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