Comic for Monday, Sep 1, 2014


Posted September 1, 2014 at 2:48 am

- Clone forms (omg 2003 comic)
- Night Out clone form antics
- Sarah's clone form
- Variant #1
- Tedd using a clone form to look like Grace
- Glint

I'm assuming "normally" and "default" form is clear. This is the part where someone tells me it's not clear and I make another analogy about wigs.

In other news I love panel five for many, many reasons.

Patreon Funded

It's a new month! Once again, EGS:NP has been funded for MWF, as have a bunch of commentaries and sketchbooks! Sketchbooks will resume being an every weekday thing later this week (based on the not-quite final numbers, most likely Thursday). Classic commentaries will be three-four every weekday.


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