Comic for Wednesday, Jul 3, 2013


Posted July 3, 2013 at 1:00 am

- The start of Hammerchlorians
- Susan's trip to France (relevant to *why* there's a debt)
- Susan's fairy doll summon (a reference comic for subsequent reference comics?! Reference-ception!)
- The introduction of Jerry
- Jerry's debt to Susan
- Nanase and Susan after having just discussed the events of the trip
- The busybody (Jerry?) comic again

I included the "reference-ception" comic with Susan discovering she could summon an automated fairy doll version of Nanase primarily because when I dug the the comic that introduces Jerry, one who doesn't have the entire archives memorized could be forgiven for mistaking the fairy doll for actually *being* Nanase.

Speaking of Nanase not having been there, I considered making a joke of the fact that Nanase doesn't actually know what Jerry looks like by having the visual representation of Jerry in panel two be a generic image of Santa Claus. I decided it would be needlessly confusing and cheat us out of seeing old Jerry in the current art style, but I still like the general idea of the joke.