Comic for Monday, Apr 12, 2010


Posted April 12, 2010 at 1:00 am
As has been previously established, Sarah and Tedd have similar taste in pajamas. I'm honestly not sure why I decided Grace went to bed in her normal clothes given that she does have pajamas. I'm going to claim it was so there'd be additional contrast in the last panel given the low light circumstances and Tedd's pajamas in spite of that clearly being something I just thought of now.

I don't know how common this knowledge this is, but earthquakes do happen in the Midwesten United States. They're rare and I don't know of any that have been strong in the years I've been alive (I believe I'd remember if one had), but they're possible. We had a small one in February, in fact. It was about a 4.0 magnitude quake (depending on who you ask), and the greatest threat posed by it that I'm aware of was human foolishness.

As I said, quakes aren't common in the Midwest. Most people out here don't seem to know how to properly react to one, as was evident by the thousands of uninjured, perfectly safe people calling 911 after the quake. People who weren't in need of assistance bogged down 911 call centers to find out what had happened instead of turning on a TV, radio, or checking online like Sarah (granted, her search criteria needs work, but she's got the right idea).

So, the greatest danger wasn't the quaking, but people preventing the use of 911 services by those with genuine emergencies. I saw a news report where someone with a heart condition who genuinely needed help after the quake was unable to reach 911. His family wound up getting him help another way (I don't recall specifically how), but that's exactly the sort of reason why they tell people to only use 911 for genuine emergencies.

Huh. That wound up being a pretty serious commentary. Um... PIE!