Comic for Wednesday, Jun 2, 2010


Posted June 2, 2010 at 1:00 am
I TOLD you we hadn't heard the last of that!

People can tell me if I have failed in this regard, but my intent was to imply that Susan did not answer Sarah's question. I had hoped to establish with an earlier joke that the narration was literally what Susan was saying, and anything else being shown was for the audience's eyes only.

...You know, I put up a simple placeholder commentary for this comic last night, but this actual commentary is winding up pretty darn short. There's not much I can say that wouldn't be spoilers or "see? THAT'S why the spell doesn't just summon weapons", etc. So instead, I will immortalize some of my tweets from this evening.

[quote]They're working on collars for pets that will automatically tweet their behavior. Imagine the following tweets while checking in from work:

"Eating food. Yum!"

"Sleeping on the sofa (master will never know)"

"A window just broke from the outside. A stranger has entered."

"Biting stranger. I'm a good dog!"

"Intruder dealt with. Lapping up blood."


"The hole is dug, the body has been deposited."

"Poop on grave for good measure. This prevents zombies."

"Playing with tennis ball! Balls are FUN!"

I predict my tweets will one day be unearthed by an alien species and used as the basis for their planet's dominant religion. My only regret will be that I won't be around to see the sacred document that states "poop prevents zombies."