Comic for Monday, Nov 12, 2018


Posted November 12, 2018 at 12:00 am

- "It seems too soon" (in regard to Elliot and Ashley)

- Panels 2-3
- Panels 5-6
- Last Panel (next page after previous)

Sorry for the start that's mostly recap, but also NOT sorry, because here it is done in one page with a bit of new info and redrawn art.

...I'm sorry.

ANYWAY, before anyone panics, this storyline won't be preachy, and there won't be a "I learned something today" moment in which Grace summarizes the "correct" opinion about something.

Note that I cannot guarantee that it will be without moments that bring to mind the sad music from the TV show Scrubs. That's on the individual.


TODAY'S EGSNP. Last week had three new EGSNPs, too:

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