Comic for Tuesday, Nov 13, 2018


Posted November 13, 2018 at 1:26 am

I don't think Nanase Craft has magic like Nanase Kitsune does, or else there would be no challenge, here. Granted, with video game logic, there could just be a rune or something that says "no flying without transforming" allowed or something, and it could be as good as law.

The "puzzle" this room presents took me a while to sort out. I knew basically what I wanted to happen, but how to make it an actual challenge of sorts was, well, the challenge.

I was also considering all sorts of different mechanisms for transformation before realizing the "stand here to transform" spots could be a recurring thing. It seems simple, now, but I had originally imagined the indentations specifically for the bowling scenario, as there was the matter of placement and needing a way to keep "ball Nanase" from rolling without being pushed first.

in any case, we'll get to see what the exact deal with this puzzle is on Wednesday. Well, hopefully Wednesday. Very early Thursday, latest.