Comic for Friday, Nov 21, 2014


Posted November 21, 2014 at 1:01 am

- Definitely relevant
- Decision to tell Justin about Luke
- Justin reads the note

Firstly, a note: Story comics are going to be Mon-Weds next week due to Thanksgiving. There will still be EGS:NPs and a LOT of sketchbooks to close out the month.

And now for this comic! Presumably, Justin had to walk in from of Grace to actually get behind the countrer and talk to Grace, but she was clearly distracted by something. There must be a super cool comic book past past where Sarah and Sam are chatting.

I doubt Scrubs invented replacing the "high" in "high five" with other things, but for all I know they did, and it was a pretty good show, so... Scrubs five!

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