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Posted November 24, 2014 at 1:14 am

FIRST OFF! Story comics are Mon-Tues-Wednesday this week because of Thanksgiving. EGS:NP will update MWF as normal. There will be a whole bunch of sketchbooks and classic commentaries throughout the week, possibly posted at odd times, but you can easily hear about new updates via my EGS twitter account. There's also my standard Twitter, but that will include off-topic tweets like my opinions on salads or whatever, so if you just want to hear about comic updates, I recommend the other one.

 - Justin reaching these conclusions

"I dunno, Justin. I've spent a lot of time with you these past few months, and frankly? You're prrrrrretty evil."

"How am I evil?!"

"I've seen you run roleplaying games."

"...Okay, I'm a LITTLE evil."

I didn't plan on Grace having a counterpoint to Justin's argument in panel seven, but as soon as I actually wrote Justin's side of it, Grace's counterpoint was just about the most obvious thing in the history of everything. Granted, it's probably safe to conclude that Luke isn't a an alien hybrid with massive hidden strength, but still.

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