Comic for Friday, Nov 21, 2014


Posted November 21, 2014 at 1:01 am

This took FOREVER to write and draw! Well, technically. Actually, not even technically if taken literally, though if one accepts "forever" as hyperbole, it... Can I start over? Thanks.

This comic took an absurdly long time to make as a result of me not being entirely certain what I wanted to do next. There were several directions it could have gone in, such as asking Susan why she wanted a blonde hair form, what Nanase wanted in the watch she was promised, etc.

As is often the case, the direction I ultimately decided on was simple and seems like it should have been obvious in retrospect. Even if Tedd did ask Susan why she wanted the blonde variant, Susan wouldn't be inclined to answer, and Tedd was at a point where he was finalizing all the forms for the watch anyway, so putting that on hold to question Nanase would have been weird.

Long story short: Hindsight is 20/20. Now let's enjoy doublemint Susan (reference to gum commercials featuring twins, for anyone unfamiliar before they start wondering what that could possibly mean).

EDIT - In my haste to defend my lateness, I forgot to mention Nanase's hair in panel one! I had originally sketched her hair as normal, which would cover her ears, but the natural progression of hair growth meant covering up Nanase-Susan's figure more than I wanted given that this is our first glimpse of the form created for the fairy doll.

I decided that Nanase's a smart girl, and, knowing the hair growth was coming, would have intentionally tucked her hair behind her ears before transforming instead of awkwardly fixing it post-transformation.